Thursday, 11 February 2016

All that rain...

All that rain that falls from the sky in this part of the world does make your garden green:

We don't really do flowers and such in our garden.  We like our fifty shades of green we do (and a bit of yellow).

In late springtime the hawthorn blossom (May-flower) can be spectacular, as it was last year:

Those would be our raspberry bushes there at the bottom, trying hard to get some sun and light.  I just can't bring myself to cut back the hawthorn though, so they have to make do.

Occasionally you get pink hawthorn blossom, which is a bit special:

It's so rare to see this nowadays, since the farmers all cut the hawthorn hedges back to almost nothing, which, as you know, irritates me no end.  So we let ours grow, as you can see:

I mean, you can't even call that a hedge on the left, can you?  Where are all the wee birdies going to nest in the Spring?  Or find berries in the Winter?

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