Friday, 11 November 2016


I actually got into the darkroom yesterday for a couple of hours.  Very enjoyable it was, too.

The new(ish) installation down by Portrush Harbour, with a nautical theme. The residents along Kerr Street weren't too happy with these fairly large structures when they appeared.  I think they're pretty impressive, but then I'm not living opposite them.  On HP5+, ID-11, printed on Kentmere VC.


  1. Oh, they look absolutely great mate! Nice snap of them too, and by the look of the things it seems you can have a lot of fun with them up through the next years. Nice print, and very good to see you have been inside the darkroom for a few hours.
    I had a hope I would manage to get in there today, but it's not going to happen until later it seems. Maybe even have to wait until tomorrow.
    This time I have a plan, again, so let's see if I can manage to stick to it in some way...

    1. Thanks Roy. Always enjoyable when you actually have something to show for your efforts in the darkroom. Yesterday was not a day for the outdoors, over here - on days like that the darkroom is as good a place as any (and better than most).

      And yes, as we both know, there are plans and then there are plans! Once you get going in there events tend to take a different path than intended...but sure that's half the fun. Hope you make it back in there soon - I will look out for the evidence on the usual place.