Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Grand so

If you've ever spoken to a man from around Clonmany, in what is the North West of Donegal, you'll likely have heard him say 'Grand so'. A lot of times, for it tends to be said frequently in conversation with such a man.  It just means Fine, Great...OK.

I've been to Clonmany...not many times, it has to be said, but I've been there all the same. One main street is what I remember, with lots of public houses - like this one in Eniskillen:

Charlies Bar, Eniskillen, snapped a while ago.   A lovely part of the world, Eniskillen and the lakes around it - about a 2 hour drive south west of The Liberties.  Wonder what was in the newspapers that day, eh?

That's a funny turn of phrase in itself...public house. Anyone is welcome by the sounds of it. Grand so.

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