Tuesday, 22 November 2016


The other day Mr Karlsvik over there in Norway was writing about camera clubs and stuff...wondering whether or not to sign up and to which one.  I was a member of the local club here in The Liberties in the 70s, when I was a spotty youth.   To the best of my knowledge it folded more than a few years ago.  But now there is another one on the go and it seems to be going strong by all accounts - it's a member of NIPA, the Northern Ireland Photographic Association.  NIPA runs competitions and generally supports the work of the clubs around The Province.

Like most clubs the prevailing wind is digital photography and that holds little interest for me.  I did digital for a few years but just didn't enjoy the workflow - all that sitting in front of the computer, editing pixels and stuff left me cold.  I really enjoy the physicality of film photography and while I love me cameras and stuff I seem to get most enjoyment in the darkroom side of things - probably as that's where the magic happens, I guess.

Out along the Antrim Coast, just past the Giant's Thingmy.  A good spot for a wee house, sheltered from the prevailing North-Westerleys by a big lump of rock.  Portbradden, I think it's called.

Anyway, I was up by Mountsandel Wood the other day with The Hound and was just returning to the car when I noticed a guy with his foot up on the car boot lip, stretching his hamstrings getting ready to go for a run.  His car was sign-written and I realised this was the guy who runs the aforementioned local camera club.  He looked approachable so I couldn't just Walk On By, as the song goes.  (I've always liked this version - it takes me back to me youth).   So we chatted for a bit and I told him I'd looked at the club's guest speakers last year and it seemed to be mostly digital and blah blah blah.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, it turns out that on the 22nd November there is a 'Traditional Film Photography' night planned.  You'd be correct in thinking 'That's tonight'.  Next thing he's asked me if I would like to come along and speak and well, I couldn't very well turn him down, could I?  So later this evening I'll be at the Sperrin Club in Coleraine, flying the flag for 'Traditional Film Photography'.  Wish me luck.

That phrase always gets my attention...traditional this, traditional that.  It's like our local chippies - it's always 'Traditional Fish n Chips'...never 'Contemporary Fish n Chips'.   Surely to goodness there are other liked-minded people in The Liberties who don't actually like soggy chips cooked in weeks-old oil and fish batter that isn't crisp.  Actually when I think about it, they all seem to do a roaring trade, so maybe it is just me...


  1. Ahhh... finally some really good news, Mate! A great speak it will be for sure, and make sure you put in a few good words for the other few filmwasters around the world. Traditional photography... well, I'm just happy they still don't call it "ancient" or some other stuff making me really feel like a fossile or something like that.
    I will be crossing fingers for you for sure, and really looking forward to hear what you chose to talk about and how the evening turned out. I might be doing something similar some day for all I know. At least there's words around indicating that might happen soonish.

    Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but staying on Ona for the moment making the network side of things a bit on and off. More off, I have to say. Right now it seems fine though, so I'm writing a few words to hopefully get posted soon.
    Take care over there!

    1. Cheers Roy - thanks for the comment and the support. Support which I will need in spades, my friend - I feel a bit like Daniel entering the lions' den. Hopefully things will end just as well!

      To be honest, if ever I find myself on Ona, I'll not be worrying too much about what else is happening 'out there'. Enjoy the peace and quiet mate.