Monday, 21 November 2016


OK so I know y'all have seen this one from Castlerock beach before, but here's another version of it:

On Slavich paper, Moersch EasyLith developer

Last time you saw, it looked like this:

On Foma 131 paper, same developer.  It looks toned, but isn't.  Clearly much warmer than the Slavich and not really lith-like at all, by comparison.

Back to the Slavich paper, but with a sepia tone:


  1. Unibrom is rather difficult to use. Love the graphic nature of the beast biut I think it just works on selected images. Modestly, I suggest like this

    1. It's certainly very different to anything I've ever used before, Andrea - but looks like it could be a lot of fun, as you say, with the right sort of image. Thanks for the link - it works great on there, for sure.