Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Seat with a view

Snapped up on Ramore Head, Portrush the other day - a seat with a view.  Not just any old view, mind - that would be Benbane Head there in the distance, where the Giant's Causeway lies.

Annoying when you get the print in your hand and notice that you failed to spot something strange going on - as in the 'feature' on the right hand side of the print above.  It's not on the negative, so not quite sure what's going on here. That's the trouble with the darkroom - there ain't much light in there.  On Kentmere VC Select.


  1. A lovely view for sure, and truly a nice snap of it. That's what I like the most with your islands over there, I think. The open and undisturbed views into all possible kinds of directions. It makes me breath in a very different way compared to where we live right now. Luckily we have similar spots over here as well, and it seems it's about time to find one of them soon. That's why we're off to Ona this weekend.
    Thinking about the darkness inside the darkroom it just seems like it's getting darker each year, and spotting minor errors like the one on the right side of your print seems impossible some times.
    But hey, next one will be different. That's one of the big advantages doing what we do. You can never be absolutely sure what you end up with all the time.
    Was this one done with the squarecam?

    1. Appreciate the comment, Roy. Open and undisturbed is what we do around here, for sure - different to your fjords and mountains and what have you. We could do with some of those over here just to ring the changes. But you are right - it's a nice environment for head-clearing. Hopefully you get some of that done yourself on beautiful Ona...don't forget to take along a snapper or two :)

      I know what you mean about the darkness of the place. If I was sensible, I'd do the old safelight testing thing which might mean I could get away with a bit more light in there. I should really do that someday. Hmm.

      And yes, the new-ish Squarecam snapper it was, now that I've figured out how to load the film properly ;)

    2. Hah... funny you mention the amount of light inside the dark place. I have three of them, but only use one at the moment. I should do the same thing, check and review the result live with some paper one day just to see if a bit more light works fine. I'm pretty sure it actually does, to be honest.
      Looks like The Squarecam works very well, which is good. I really look forward to see more from it in addition to anything else from any camera you may choose to use :)