Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hanging around

So, back in Portrush we are in the piazza.  Well, OK, maybe not exactly en par with an Italian Piazza, but nevertheless it's a public space with interesting shapes and what have you.  A grand place to hang around with a camera.

Via the Nikon/HP5+, 50mm lens with a yellow-green filter and an old Epson scanner.  The old clock tower of the railway station in the background.


  1. That seems to be a nice place with some shapes just asking for you to bring the old camera to work it's best magic, just like I think you achieved right here in this snap. Bring a few lenses and waste at least one length of HP5 or something similar out here my friend, and show up some great lines and nice textures and what have you all over there. I think I might need something like that in the weeks to come. I'm off to work tomorrow, as you might know :))

    1. Thanks Roy appreciate the comment. All the best for the work thing for the next few weeks mate - hope it goes smoothly. Keep us informed via the usual channels ;)