Friday, 12 January 2018

That's what happens, sometimes

The wee one, in pensive mood the other day when we were out for our tea:

Missy in Truva Restaurant, late 2017.  Via the rangefinder - handheld at some stupidly low speed, as you do.

Truva was the name of the establishment, in case you were wondering.  Turkish.  Eh? In the Liberties?  I know - we're getting all sophistimaceted in Ireland these days. Where will it all end, eh?  I wonder if they have Irish Restaurants in Istanbul.  I bet they've those themed Irish Bars...y'know - the O'Briens and those sorts of places that bear no resemblance at all to any bar in Ireland I've been in.  Ah well, can't knock them for trying, I suppose...

Anyway, yer man the proprietor of Truva was some craic, I can tell you.  I mean he came up to us just as we were finishing our meal and introduced himself and what have you.  Honest to goodness, he can talk for Ireland, that one.  Not bad considering he's from across the water - and then some.  I mean, he can really talk. 10 out of 10 for effort, I'll give you that, but sometimes you just want a wee quiet night and while a bit of banter rarely goes amiss there are moments when you just think, Jeez Louise will you give my head peace.  But we'll be back as the food was good, the prices were keen and well, we just liked the whole thing, really.  Loads of interesting (and tasty) veggie options, which makes a pleasant change around this part of the world (meat&potatoes, piled high).


  1. As a fan of meat and potatoes, piled high, I loved Ireland!

  2. We have good quality, grass-fed cattle here Jim and it goes without saying we have good potatoes so I get where you're coming from. Truth is both my wife&I like to cook so we rarely eat out...this was a very rare event!