Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Bath Christmas Markets, 2017.  Is it just me or does Christmas seem like an age ago?  I mean, it's only the 17th Jan (16th as I write this), so it's not that long ago, right?  I dunno...there's so much happening these days that life is just whizzing by.  I can barely get time to do any photographing, let alone darkroom work.  But I did get into the dark place this morning and managed to print a few more from the Bath series from November.  This was one of them:

Bath Christmas Markets, 2017.  Pentax ME Super, HP5+, Adox paper.  Toned in old-ish sepia and then even older selenium.

I was actually fair-to-middlin' happy with this one. Makes a change. I don't have much of a strategy these days, other than snap on and print on and hopefully have a little fun on the way.  Maybe that's the best strategy anyways.

It's a little over a year since I made the decision to only show scans of darkroom prints on this place.  It's gone better than I expected. As you might have noticed, I've kind of settled into a Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting routine.  Yes there are times when the tail (this place) starts to wag the dog (me) but sometimes it's good having a bit of a push to actually get on and produce something...anything.  Yes on occasion I do feel myself 'knocking one or two out' just for the sake of the blog, but when I have time and if I think the negative warrants it I like to experiment a bit and see what gives in the darkroom.  That usually involves making a series of prints - ideally each one better than the last but as we know it doesn't always work that way.  I'm still drawn to lith in a big way.  And I'm drawn more and more to toning.  I tend to tone pretty much every print nowadays and while up to now I've used off-the-shelf toning kits (mostly from Fotospeed) I've just bought myself a bunch of raw chemicals to get really down and dirty.  Actually, I can't wait to see how that goes. 

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