Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Already on the wall

I saw this one of The Brother in The Archives the other day and thought I would (as Garry Winogrand would say) see how it looked in print.  Aged about 16 I reckon.  Forty-odd years ago, give or take.  Funny how in nearly every shot in those days when he is seated he's got his legs crossed.  And he's slouched - I mean, just look at that posture.  Typical teenager.

The Brother around 1977, Ilford Warmtone paper, sepia&selenium

Unfortunately the scan in no way does it justice, but that's the best I can do given the time available and the fact that I have no interest in learning the finer details of scanning...


  1. The finer details of scanning... I mean just the sound of the words makes me want to fall asleep straight away.
    The print is absolutely grand, though :) I love the expression in his face and of course the rest of the body language.

    1. Yup we both think along the same lines there, Roy ;)

      And thanks for the positive comments - of course I like this one a's My Brother! and it takes me back a few years when I see him like this :)