Monday, 8 January 2018

By Bath Abbey

Looking up from Abbey Green on the first night of the Bath Christmas markets:

From Abbey Green, looking towards Bath Abbey, late November 2017, HP5, Adox paper

It was just after I snapped this scene when me film ran out.  Memorable not for the getting to the end of the film, rather the complete hames I made of loading the new film into the Pentax.  Was it the fact that it was pretty dark?  Perhaps.  Loads of people around? Maybe.  More likely that the loading mechanism in the Pentax is non-standard...well, different to that in the OM-1, FM3a or M6 which might normally be in my sweaty palms.  The take-up spool has some sort of plastic attachment which presumably is meant to make it easier to load.  Not in this case it didn't.  I can put it down to lack of familiarity, but if anyone was watching I'm sure it was good entertainment.


  1. How I simply love that word... hames :))
    Anyway, I would easily blame the darkness for this. After all they should all know, just by the looks of the man himself, you're a very much experienced film loader no matter what camera given. Besides, there were probably not too many of them bystanders able to get the deed done any better and faster anyway!
    Oh... and a great print, as usual Michael

    1. Yes it's a good word, that one! In our house we love using the old words and phrases from this part of the country - especially when my brother and I get together. Both the spoken and the written word have been very important in our culture through the years and the language of our grandfather, for example, was rich in colloquialisms which we would have been embarrassed about when we were young but now we're a bit older and maybe a bit wiser too ;)

      And thanks for the kind comments, too, Roy!