Monday, 22 May 2017


Another one from Portstewart taken during Race Week:

HP5+, Warmtone RC paper.  Via the 'Blad/50mm combination - roughly equivalent to 28mm on a 35mm format although it could be any one of three possibilities, since the aspect ratios are different.  This page tells all.  The square format is very addictive.


  1. Thought I told you the square format is a bit addictive?! Anyway, nice lines on that Triumph! Used to own a couple of old Royal Enfields way back in the days before I was old enough to even drive bigger bikes. Didn't matter too much as I never got them running... One 350 Bullet, and one mid 50's 500 parallel twin kind of thing (Model J2, I think). At least it looked good, and I bet the sound of it would be great if I could ever kick the thing alive. Both pistons fireing at the same time, and stuff like that. They went out of the house pretty quick, about which I got mixed feelings right now of course. But you can't always get what you want, we know...

    1. Royal Enfield - a name from the glorious days of English engineering. Shame they weren't firing, I'm sure they would have sounded great - but perhaps everything for a reason, eh? My father had a Triumph 500, which was his pride and joy - rode it all over Europe before he got married, then all over Northern Ireland ;) He took me on it a few times - scared the life out of me!