Friday, 12 May 2017

Al fresco dining in The Liberties

Portstewart Prom (the place where people come to promenade in the late afternoon) was buzzing the other evening.  And rightly so, as the weather was most clement.  People were out in force and quite a number were having their fish and chips al fresco:

I know - shadows!  I was a bit far away with the rangefinder so had to crank up the enlarger a bit.
Tonight is the Big Night for the Prom - it's North West 200 week, where those mad eejits race around the roads in their motorbikes, doing 200+mph.  John McGuinness crashed today during practice and broke his leg - that would be John McGuinness with over 20 wins in the Isle of Man TT races, second only to the late great Joey Dunlop.  Mr McGuinness is 45 years old, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, Friday is the day before the big race day and 'tis customary for visitors (of which there are a great number) to descend on Portstewart Prom for the craic and to see the fireworks.  I'm not a great one for crowds but I might dander down and see what gives.  Who knows, I might even load some fresh-ish HP5+ into a camera just for the occasion.  


  1. So, that's where old John McGuinness left his leg then... up on your streets during the NW200 practice. well, it had to be done somewhere I guess. I'm trying to keep track of what's going on in the middle of the sea there, these days. The Isle of Man TT practice is going on as you might know, and tomorrow is race day I think. Fingers crossed for the lunatics riding the streets and roads of the island.

    1. Haha Roy love the comment. John McGuinness is a lucky fellow but most unlike him to crash...

      The TT is an amazing spectacle too - but we prefer proper road racing here ;) I joke, of course - the TT is what it is and we love it here too mainly because of the success of a certain Joey Dunlop. As you say, though, fingers crossed for no major accidents. Crazy people indeed.