Monday, 15 May 2017

Taking the air

Ah there she is herself, taking the air on Portstewart Prom:

On Cooltone RC paper.  Some-one tried to add a bit of vignetting and as you can see make a right hames of it.  Eejit.  He should have left it well alone...some people never learn, eh?


  1. Hames, huh...? Well, you learn something new every day by reading this thingy! And you also learn that your lamp posts has gone from straight to bent... even though at first I thought you had converted to a very, very cheap and somewhat crappy lens that would bend straight lines into not so straight lines. By the look of the rest of the snap I still landed on the first explanation though.
    And she, herself, smiling as usual when dad's playing with his camera in front of her. Which is nice to see!

    1. Yeh I wouldn't go throwing 'hames' around in too many places other than The Liberties, Roy, if you want to be understood - a real local colloquialism that one lol.

      That would need to be a real cheap one to produce curvature like that, methinks. Would make for some interesting shots no doubt in the right hands, though...