Thursday, 10 December 2015

Coffee, anyone?

She's probably checking her email, or something important.

Now I know I'm only looking in through the side window here, but I can only see one seat, and she's on it - well, actually, she's nearly off it, but you know what I mean.  Additional Seating Upstairs, that's what it says on the window - good job, eh?

This shot below was of the cafĂ© just opposite The Min and I snapped it one late afternoon when treatment had finished.   You come out of the hospital, dressed in your 'exercise gear', feeling stretched and exhausted, ready to head back to your digs for a lie down and a shower and then you glance opposite and see some 'real life' going on...people with proper clothes on, meeting friends, having coffee and maybe a chocolate square or something.  You look over at them, and some of them look over at you.  It's all very strange.

That one I snapped with a little Yashica T4 P&S thing that my mate Dr C handed to me one day.   It's one of those auto-wind-on-and-auto-rewind things, and your negs come out upside down.  But all in all it did the job well, I reckon.  Has a nice little Zeiss Tessar 35mm lens on it.  A bit noisy for street work, though - there's no hiding the fact that you've shot someone.

You can, if you prefer, have your coffee al fresco - by the Pump Rooms, no less:

Note the two cups on the table front left there.  All close together and everything.  Cute.  When I returned a while later I found this situation had developed:

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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