Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Behind the scenes

I must admit to feeling a little sympathy for the people who manage Bath.  The roads are small and very congested, the shops are many and getting all the stuff that is needed into the City Centre and then disposing of the unwanted stuff must be a nightmare.  I think every day was Bin Day, from what I could see.

This was the view outside our digs most days:

Not on the Tourist Trail, for obvious reasons.

I caught this gentleman providing a very important service - I had to snap him up quickly, as you can see:

This was the view from the other side of our apartment block, as captured on the little Yashica:

That's the Theatre Royal there on the right, by the way.  If you ever find yourself there, I can recommend the Garrick's Head Public House next door - they do a very respectable fish and chips.  I speak from personal experience....twice.

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