Friday, 18 December 2015

Arrival in Budapest

Finally The Uncle and his mates arrived in Budapest and hooked up with Balazs.  Naturally a bit of sight-seeing was in order and what better place than the top of St Gellért Hill, on the Buda side of Budapest:

That would be Balazs there in the middle, with the moustache and would that be plus-fours I spy?  Rather on the long side, but then that was all the fashion in Hungary in 1938, or so I'm reliably informed.

St Gellért, or St Gerard if you prefer, was a saintly person who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Legend has it that during the pagan revolution of 1046 he was put in a barrel on the top of the hill and rolled into the Danube.  From my (albeit limited) knowledge of history, unpleasant as this undoubtedly was, it could have been worse...

Budapest has a lot of bridges across the Danube, as you would expect.  I like this next shot, of Erzsebet Bridge (Elizabeth Bridge).

Unfortunately, like many other bridges across Hungary, this bridge was blown up by the retreating German Army in WWII.  A new one has been built, but it's not the same.

Looking the other way, we have Petofi Bridge - another one that had to be rebuilt after the war:

Clearly The Lads were out at night - or at least The Uncle was:

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