Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Bath Abbey

Yes, that's what they were all doing.  Taking snaps of Bath Abbey.

I wasn't.  I was taking snaps of them.

I know, pity I cut his foot off.  No-one's perfect.

Funny place Bath - all that Georgian architecture and what have you.  Tinsel-town I call's not real, you see.  It's full of tourists (and a few people with ankylosing spondylitis visiting The Min).

I don't know what happened to the lady's leg on the right in this next one - I think it was something to do with the fading light...

It's good watching people.  And even better taking their photograph.  I never thought this sort of thing was 'my bag', but I must admit I did enjoy it.  It must be a Bath thing.  I wonder how it will translate now I'm back in The Liberties.  Time will tell, I suppose.

All taken with the Nikon, a bog standard 50mm f1.8 and good old HP5+.


  1. A bit strange, actually, to see you snaps from the exact spot I have been stepping on too. Couple of years, or three, ago. Yours are better though, most likely because you remembered to rate your film quite correctly. I definitely did not!

    1. I remember that shot you took, Roy - and believe it or not it was in my mind as I wandered around there! I recall you got some good snaps of people too...