Sunday, 14 September 2014


You're probably going to see a lot of trees here.  This particular one was captured in late August morning sun on FP4+ which was steeped in DD-X, which seem to work well together although DD-X is not the cheapest dev on the block at 1+4 dilution.  I know there are cheaper developers out there - and some very interesting (including this one) so maybe I'll try something different when the DD-X is finished.  This one was printed on Ilford MG IV pearl and scanned, wonky borders and all, for here.  The scan appears somewhat softer in focus and contrast than the print, although I'm wondering if maybe that's not a good thing... Anyway, here it is for your delectation.  Taken at Mountsandel, if you're interested - one of the oldest known settlements of human-folk in Ireland, dated around 7000BC and just a mile or two up the road.

Tree bathed in late August early morning sun, Mountsandel

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