Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cow Town

Got to wander around Cow Town the other day, or as it is affectionately known in these parts, Ballymoney.  Very friendly people in Ballymoney, although not too many about at 6.30 in the evening - probably at home having their tea.  And no, before you ask, I didn't see any cows.  Saw these guard cats, though.  Clearly doing a good job in front of the local barracks, or whatever that place is.

Guard cats in Ballymoney

I quite like this photograph.  It might be a contender for 'Photo of the Month', what with the yard brush and gas canisters as well as the cardboard box, which is probably home for the cats.

Ballymoney is a lovely little town with an interesting history photographically.  Once was the manufacturing centre for Corfield cameras, which was in fact the only company to manufacture cameras in Ireland, ever!  But unfortunately the business, which had moved from Wolverhampton in the 1950s, couldn't compete with the Japanese and production didn't continue past the 1960s.  Still, the local museum (which is well worth an hour of your time next time you are passing through) has acquired a few example cameras, lenses and accessories and a nice wee story it makes too!

Charlotte Street, or Piper Row if you prefer
I like the look of Charlotte Street in the town (or Piper Row as it used to be called), so here's a print for your eyes only, complete with meteor shower (sloppy darkroom technique, many apologies won't happen again...much).  A nice row of older houses, with a modern car thrown in for free (but no satellite dishes!).  Here is what it looks like in a balmy September evening, with the temperature hitting a very unseasonal 60°.  I'll be back here in a month or so when the coal fires are burning as I think it might make an interesting little photograph.

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