Tuesday, 16 September 2014

More Ikonta

Hoping to get back into the darkroom this afternoon for a sesh, so in the meantime here's another couple of prints from Ikonta negs.  Mum's Yew trees are just fantastic - well over 100 years old now and looking in good shape (fogged film and all!).

Yew trees in mum's garden, in rude health

And speaking of mother, here's a rare sighting of her - captured on FP4+ steeped in DD-X and then printed on MG IV pearl with lots of added dust to boot.  She didn't know I was taking it (obviously, or she'd have hidden from view).  Engaged in her favourite pastime, which is sitting on her patio enjoying a good Irish cuppa - in a decent cup.  She's notoriously camera-shy, so there'll not be too many pics of her here - she's about the same age or even slightly older than the camera, which is a nice thought.  Both still in reasonable shape and working as well as can be expected!


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