Wednesday, 17 September 2014

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Didn't manage to get printing yesterday - was feeling somewhat fatigued to be honest after a dander about in the morning along the banks of the River Bann.  We're having some very clement weather right now for this time of year so it's nice to take the air.  Instead I thought I'd write a little about my plan for this place. (Ed: What's that? He's actually got a plan? That's a first then...)

Ah yes, the name.  Where we live used to be part of the North East Liberties of Coleraine, a divisional barony created in 1584 during the creation of the County of Antrim (although it was later moved into the new County of Londonderry).  More of that to come later but we quite like the term North East Liberties - evokes thoughts of freedom, separation, independence and all that. 

So the basic idea is to record my musings as I wander about in what is the early part of the 21st century, reflecting on my family&friends and our local culture.  All being well there'll be the odd photograph or two - mostly snapped by me on one of my little collection of film cameras and printed in my wee darkroom.  No digital stuff here by the way - apart from the necessary to get the images on here (which will therefore be warts, dust and imperfections and all).  And not much colour either, strictly monochrome!

Arthur, somewhere on the Bann, 1977

OK, couldn't go without leaving you something.  This is Arthur.  No longer with us, Arthur was a skilled craftsman when it came to working with wood.  And he liked to fish too, hence the boat which took us down the River Bann manys-a-time when I was a spotty youth, although I remember more fishing than fish, to be honest.  He's looking very bemused here, probably since he was having an OM-1 loaded with FP4 pointed at him by yours truly.  Taken in 1977, printed 2014!

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