Friday, 19 September 2014

Not working

The legs aren't working too well today - probably on account of all the metal, ceramic, screws and chicken wire holding them to my pelvis, or else it's just my ankylosing spondylitis playing up.  Either way I'll not be doing much today apart from a few gentle stretches to loosen things up a bit.

So for your amusement here's a couple more posts from my little trip up the Ballymoney Line the other day.  I liked this - window-box, Ballymoney style.  Unfortunately something happened in the darkroom that shouldn't have happened, hence the rather extreme white cloud thingy encroaching from the left.  For the technical-minded darkroom afficionadas among you the contrast filters must have been knocked out of position by someone (Ed: Hmm, I wonder who...).  But hey, I'm no Michael Kenna.

Window box, Ballymoney style

A wall in Ballymoney

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