Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Raven

A nice wee pub in Bath, just up from the Mineral Water Hospital.  I met a couple of good friends there last November and snapped this one on the Pentax ME Super as I supped my cup of tea:

Split-grade printed on Ilford Warmtone RC paper

There's a lot more detail in the shadows on the negative, but I think it looks more atmospheric printed this way.  There were about 4 small reflections which I burnt in individually.  Then I gave the whole of the right side of the print a burn-in - originally the wine cooler was bright and too much of a distraction.  It could maybe even take a bit more to remove it completely, or almost completely, from the print.

Back when I was a student, The Raven used to be called Hatchetts and was a biker's pub with loud music and loads of big hairy guys in leather and denim.  They used to tolerate us students, but only just - it wasn't a place we frequented often.  I can't blame them guarding their place aggressively, since most pubs wouldn't have let them near the front door.  These days - much like the rest of the city-centre pubs - the place is much more refined and open to all.  Pies are their specialty - with mash or chips and a bucket-load of gravy.  I wonder where the bikers go these days...


  1. What a lovely bar! And a lovely shot, though I see what you mean about the wine cooler. Wish I could have joined you for a pint.

    1. Thanks Jim - it's a friendly city-centre pub, The Raven. City-centre, but just far enough off the main drag to be a 'locals only' sort of place. Perfect, really.