Friday, 16 February 2018

St Patrick's Church

The St Patrick's Church of Ireland Church on Coleraine's main street, that is. Not to be confused with the thousand-or-so other St Patrick's Churches you might find in other parts of this island.  This one is on Kingsgate Street, which gives a big clue as to the history of the town.  Coleraine was, y'see, one of the main towns of Ulster upgraded during the Plantation in the early 17th Century, when it was fortified with ramparts and stuff.  Initially there were only two well-guarded and gated (with drawbridges) routes into and out of the town.  One of those gates, as you might have guessed by now, was the King's Gate. Presumably that King would have been James I of England and Ireland - also known as Scottish James VI.  Confused?  Indeed...

HP5+ film on Ilford Warmtone RC paper

'Twas a foggy morning last week, so it was, when I stuck the rangefinder through the railings of the old graveyard and snapped up this one, complete with the Irish Yew Tree (as you are likely to find in many a graveyard in this part of the world).  Like all my films of late, it was developed it in Ilford's ID-11 (1+1 dilution) for 13 minutes in my Paterson tank. Then I shone a light though the negative in the big DeVere 507 floorstanding enlarger and dunked the paper in some Multigrade.  Suitably dark and moody, eh?  


  1. And as per usual you shone the light very well, my friend :)
    They really suit to be expressed in B&W these old buildings of stone from over there, as we all know.
    A very fine print indeed, Michael :)

    1. Thanks Roy, appreciated. The old stonework is lovely, I agree.