Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A rainy night (not in Georgia)

Nope - a rainy night in Bath.  Another one from the Christmas Markets set.  As I passed through Abbey courtyard, on way to The Raven to meet my friends, I spied this group with their pixel-capturing devices held aloft, so I snapped them up on a real camera using real film:

Ilford Warmtone RC paper, gently toned


  1. This was something else, I have to say :)
    With what did you tone this piece, and what did you do to make it look like both daytime and night time inside the same frame?

    1. Haha Roy I like your comment - it was something else, for sure! Not quite convinced I understand what was going on there in the dark place but what the heck, you have to play, don't you?! I mean, that's why we do this thing, right?