Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Wifi in de Trein

That's what it said on Dutch Railways when were there visiting the dude you saw in the last post a couple of weeks ago.  The trains ran on time.  I mean, on time.  They could teach the UK a thing or two about running a rail network, the Dutch could.  Or pretty much any other country, I reckon.  OK it helps when the country is relatively small and relatively wealthy, as The Netherlands is.  And boy are they tall over there!  We were lucky enough to share our train carriage with members of the Dutch Olympic Volleyball team (so it said on their apparel) and I can tell you, those lads had some height on them.

But anyway, Yours Truly had obviously been trying to save a few sheckels and had booked an early flight from Belfast.  It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, though goodness knows what I was on at the time I booked it, for the upshot was we had to get up at 3am - early by anyone's book I would say.  It's not the getting up is the problem, of course, it's the travelling...the waiting around for connections, the hawking bags about, the waiting...and did I mention the waiting around?  Suffice to say when we eventually reached our destination it was time for bed according to our bodies, but in the real world it was early afternoon.  Ah well, we powered on through as best we could and of course the company and the renewed friendships made it a whole lot easier.

I had the M6 with me - the ideal travel companion! And so I couldn't resist a little snapping of Missy in de Trein as we sped through Amsterdam.  I purposefully waited until we had a station sign in the background before pressing the shutter release, as I thought it might make a nice story...only I forgot I was compromised on me aperture, on account of the available light, so the writing on the sign got lost somewhere in the silver halide crystals that are present in Ilford HP5+ and are brought to life in ID-11 and projected onto Ilford Warmtone RC paper:

Not a Zombie, but as close as you will get in the real world.  Missy, en route from Schipol to Assen, August 2017


  1. I sure would know exactly what you're talking about here, Michael, being one of them poor souls having to pop up and travel a long way every now and then to get to work. And when all the waking up, waiting for buses, trains and airplanes all over the place is done and dusted, one have to jump straight into the boiler suit and get a decent days work done. Ah... I've chosen it all by myself, I know, I know!
    There's one thing I'm quite sure about though, they look a lot better than I do on board the bus around 4 in the morning, them teenagers.

    Great snap on the train, Michael :))

    1. Yeh I don't envy you and the early starts and all that waiting around, Roy - it kills me nowadays, to be honest. It's a young person's game that ;)