Monday, 4 September 2017

Just some old guy I know

Just a scan of a darkroom print of some old guy I know, that's all:

It didn't scan well but there you go. On Ilford Warmtone RC paper.  I do like it - I think I got him.  You saw an earlier version of him here, by the way.

What's that you say?  What's going on with the hands?  I dunno.  That's just him, being himself, I guess...


  1. Oh well, I say again: Great portrait in every measurable way, and the hands actually just adding a lot to the whole thing. That's my opinion, for whatever that might be worth.
    It's 02.12 in the morning over here, and I'm just out of the darkroom. An absolute disaster, should you wonder...
    One single print came out of it, and I'm not even sure that one's any good either. Five negs were on the plan, but then the bloody bulb went south on the 135 enlarger... so you go figure.
    Well, a new one will be on order soon as!

    1. Thanks Roy. I was pretty happy with this one - it's how he is :) I think it worked since he was relaxed in front of me and didn't mind the camera being pointed at him mid-sentence. How to achieve that with someone you don't know so well, hmm...not sure about that!

      Sorry to hear about the bulb - you're not having much luck with bulbs these days. It's always a PITA when things go wrong in the darkroom, when you're all fired up to get creative it's a big let-down.

      I finished the last of my lovely Foma lithable paper at the weekend, so I need to get my act together and order some new stuff. Which, as you know, I've been thinking about for a few weeks now...strangely enough, thinking about things doesn't actually result in anything happening ;)

    2. If only it did, Michael. The thinking about things resulting in things done bit, of course.
      I'm just in after a long weekend traveling around the county visiting family and stuff. Ended up with only a few snaps snapped, but also with a few packs of darkroom paper and things like that in the bag when traveling home. Oh, and the Darkroom Cookbook if you ever heard of that one?! I'm quite sure you have. My cousin used to play a lot around with chemicals and what have you back in the days, but threw in the towel years ago. Gave away every darkroom equipment he owned, it seems. He might still have a few things, but he has to have his basement checked by a team of archeologists before we know for sure. Yeah... he got a lot of stuff, that man. At least he knows who to call if anything should surface some day. I'm not holding my breath, just saying.

      I'm a patient man, Michael, so just take your time. You'll get hold of your lithable Foma paper some day for sure, so I'll just wait for something interesting to show up around this place somewhere :)
      Stay safe, over there!

    3. The Darkroom Cookbook is always one I've wanted to acquaint myself with, Roy - it'll be interesting to read your take on it in the usual place ;) I fancy getting into mixing some raw chems and might even do something about that soon. By all accounts sepia toner is easy enough and works out a lot cheaper. Sounds like fun, too.

      With luck your cousin will come across some nice old gear, Roy - shame he gave it all away when he could have given it out in your direction lol. Here's hoping, anyway.