Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Kitty of Coleraine

Another print from my walk around Coleraine Marina recently.  This was a brass fixing and screw on a very old wooden boat in the process of being restored.  A very famous old boat, as it happens - none other than 'Kitty of Coleraine'.  Now I know that as well-read you lot are, it is very unlikely you will know about Kitty of Coleraine, but around The Liberties it's known not just as the name of a boat, but as the title of an old Ulster folk song.

Part of the boat Kitty of Coleraine, under restoration.  Ilford Warmtone RC paper, sepia tone. 120 neg.

Perhaps a little better known that I imagined, actually, since a bit of desktop research reveals that none other than the great Bing Crosby covered it, which if you are a Bing fan you might like to see&hear by clicking here.


  1. It also inspired the Red Sails in the Sunset song.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Steve. I was unaware of that connection to the famous 'Red Sails' song.