Thursday, 27 July 2017

Watching TV...

...the other evening, lying on the rug as one might do when one has ankylosing spondylitis and sitting for long periods of time is not usually a Good Idea, my eye was drawn to this lamp and the shadows it was casting.  So after dark, when everyone else was in bed, I hunted around for a tripod and set up the 'Blad.   I know 'real photographers' use tripods all the time - I see them doing it.  But I'm not really a tripod sort of person (unless the Sinar is getting an airing), so I had to go up to the attic and hunt around a bit until it revealed itself to me.

Anyway, back to the lamp in question.  I did a couple of prints of it, trying to get the subtlety of the lighting that my eyes saw.  Not sure I captured it completely faithfully, but these were the best of the bunch.

First attempt, after sepia toning - too much, I thought.

Second attempt - better?

Second attempt after sepia toning.


  1. Been looking at them all now... back and forth, and back again... and you know the deal. Can't really make up my mind about them, but think I'd go for a combination of the first and third attemt, I think. The absolutely beautiful exposure of that last one, combined with the rather strict and a bit sterile composition of the one at the top. I might even have cropped it a tiny tad... without telling anyone, of course :))
    Nah, it's a difficult question but I really love the toning and the exposure of that last one.

    1. Interesting, Roy - thanks for taking the time to look and comment. I liked the first one too and sat with it a day or two before deciding it was just too much - I wanted more detail in the actual lamp-shade and to tone the whole thing down a bit. I prefer the third one too in terms of exposure and toning. Composition is another question :)

    2. I know, I know... you didn't ask for composition advices, but sometimes I just can't hold back, you know :))
      Anyway, the last one is just perfect in balance and light and everything you asked for, and beautifully toned as well of course. I really really like the way the lamp-shade goes from more or less fully black to more or less paper white in a nice graduation. Great job done!