Friday, 21 July 2017

Celtic Cross

I had a dander about St John's RC church in Coleraine a couple of weeks ago while Missy was learning how to sing, or play piano or something.  It was a very bright day, which I don't tend to like for taking snaps - good job, eh? living where I do.  Not that I like dull, flat light either - somewhere inbetween is perfect.  But you have to take what you get, don't you.

Anyway, just for something a bit different, I stuck a close-up lens on the front of the Hasselblad.  Kind of a dumb thing to do, I know, when you've a very sharp lens on front of a lovely big 6x6 neg, but there you go.

Detail from St John's Churchyard in Killowen, Coleraine.  8"x10" print, Kentmere VC Select paper, sepia tone

I kind of like this one.  The three cheeky chaps in the foreground, hands on hips and then the big Celtic Cross looming large in the background.


  1. So good to see you have been working on, my friend.
    I just came on board the ship and are shortly ready to go through a few of the blogs I'm supposed to be following, and to write a few words on my own again. Been to long away from the thing now, but that's holiday as we know.
    Need to get on top of things around here, and then I'll be back to check your latest stuff :))

    1. Thanks Roy - appreciated, my friend. And from what I read, you needed a good holiday! I hope the Landy proved its worth and got you away and home safely ;)

      And I shouldn't worry too much about your words - they will be worth reading reading whenever they become patterns of 0s and 1s, that I know for sure.

  2. Lovely composition. Winner.

    1. Thanks Jim! That big cross looks like it might be worth another visit - perhaps on its own next time :)