Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Another print from my dander about St John's Churchyard the other day.  The strong sunlight was illuminating the leaves on this tree which I thought might make for an interesting print.  Turned out OK, on Ilford Warmtone RC paper:

Looks like leaves of a Willow tree of some variety.  On the 'Blad, 50mm lens, HP5+


  1. It's a likeable series of prints you got here, Michael. Simplicity with only a few tones to care about. Would look real nice on the right type of wall, me thinks.

    1. Yeh you're right, Roy - there is a bit of a series going on here - well spotted!

      I worry about the contrast, though - too much, perhaps? More mid-tones might be nice, methinks, although you need the 'punch' at times too. Hmm...

    2. Hard to tell from here, just north of you still heading west...
      You also have to keep in mind that your prints sits with you, and that what I see on this monitor might be something completely else than the print you got in your hands.
      I like them a bit punchy and containing a bit of oomph, as you know... but that might not suite the wall where they're supposed to hang? I think the desicion about that should lie with you. Whatever conclusion you come to though, please try to keep them sort of "balanced" in relation to each other. It's a series after all. It was confirmed by yourself and everything :))