Friday, 14 July 2017

Down by the river

Down by the Douro river in Porto:

The same steps as you saw the other day, in case you were wondering.  The young couple you might just be able to make out canoodling in the background was an added bonus.  As I walked around a bit to compose the shot I was worried they would break apart in embarrassment of being spotted by the old guy with the film camera but I needn't have worried - you know what young hearts are like in Mediterranean countries.


  1. Hey! THIS one is a real masterpiece my friend :))
    Love the light, contrasts, all things happening in the background and even upstairs. It's simply a brilliant exposure mate!

    1. Thanks Roy - your comment is very much appreciated! There's a lot going on but it all seems to work coherently, in some sort of way...

      Porto is a lovely city - I could spend a lot of time there and not get bored.