Friday, 7 April 2017


I had a stroll around the new Remembrance Garden in Coleraine the other day.  It did, naturally enough, make me reflect on the tenuous grasp we all have on this thing called life.  There's lots of lovely lines around the garden, not terribly well captured here, mind you:

Looks low in contrast, I know, but the print is a whole lot better.  HP5+ on 8"x10" on Ilford Warmtone RC, glossy, which is a lovely paper.
The disappointing thing about the garden was how poorly maintained it was - the paths needed a good clear up from dead leaves and other detritus from the winter, the bins were overflowing.  While I don't usually like everything to be squeaky-clean perfect with every blade of grass accounted for, this is one place where I'd be prepared to make an exception.

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