Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Life's a beach

Yup, here they are, the young ones:

On Portrush East Strand last week, with the Skerries in the background.  The sun was out - now that makes a pleasant change!  From the Hasselblad via a Zeiss 50mm lens, yellow-green filter and HP5+ - not that any of that really matters, but it's nice to know, for some reason.  And nice to use, too, I have to say.  The Hound, by the way, is coming up on 12 this year.
This one is on Ilford RC Cooltone - ain't it crisp?! Seemed appropriate for the contrasty light and it didn't disappoint.  Perhaps I said already, but I really like this paper.  A little sepia tone as well, for effect.

About 2 seconds after this was snapped The Hound was off the lead running for the ball - a bit like those ones who temporarily adopted Mr Karlsvik over there in Norway-land or Scotland-land where he can sometimes be found.  In spite of his age, he's still pretty fast and enjoys a good ball chase.  That's The Hound I'm talking about, just to be clear - not Mr Karlsvik, who I'm assured is still young and fleet of foot :) The Hound is also happy enough just lazing about, which seems fair enough.  He's extremely anti-social, though (a bit like his owner) - he really doesn't acknowledge the existence of another dog, no matter how much they invade his personal space in an attempt to have a play.   If his Death-Stare doesn't work the teeth get bared and if they still don't get the message after that he will snap.  Fair enough - they've been warned.  Apart from that, The Hound is a big docile, lovable, extremely hairy pet who just wants pats and treats (yes, yes, I know - a bit like his owner, apart from the hairy bit).  His eyesight isn't what it used to be, due to cataracts, but apart from the considerable expense involved I'm loathe to put him through an operation at this stage of his life.  For the most part, he's OK - just occasionally a ball gets away from him and then he has trouble tracking it down.  Not too bad, all things considered...


  1. I really like this one, Michael. And toning that cooltone paper looks very right, at least with this snap anyway.
    Just to be very clear about the speed in my legs my friend, it's nothing like it used to be back in their days of glory. In fact there's almost no speed left in them these days due to 15 years on my knees as a welder some years ago now. Those days took more or less everything good out of them legs, but I'm still able to go for a good long walk so I can't and will not complain at all. But speed...? Nope! I can't even throw a ball very far anymore, as a result from the same job I used to have. Shoulders all clogged up inside with all sorts of stuff you don't want to have there. But I can still throw it far enough to hide it away from a couple of sheperd dogs on a good day, obviously :))
    I'm still young though, so you were right about that!!

    1. It does tone rather well, I have to say, that Cooltone paper.

      That running melarky is well over-rated, if you ask me :) Unless you're a Border Collie, that is, in which case it is really necessary for life itself. Even our Old Hound still enjoys a good run out, although when he's had enough he's smart enough to trot back to the car himself. Some days that doesn't take very long...