Tuesday, 4 April 2017


More deadwood for you, from the walk in Somerset Wood a while back.  This one on Ilford Warmtone RC, glossy, with a bit of sepia thrown in for good measure, as per usual these days:

Out of the 'Blad, 80mm lens and probably a yellowish-greenish filter on the front.  I'd imagine this was at f2.8, from the look of things.  I'm not totally convinced about this one - probably needed a bit more light shone through it, maybe a bit more contrast to give it a bit of sparkle. 

Sorry haven't been posting much lately - I'm going through a "Can't be bothered with computers" phase.  Not good enough when you've a successful blog to run.  Or even when you haven't.  I shall endeavour to do better...


  1. Oh well, there's a certain amount of texture in here and lovely tones and what have we not. And it's a darn good example of the sort of narrow line of sharpness your lovely hassy lens can produce if you just open it up fully, and things like that. And it's a great print beautifully toned in sepia, like we're sort of getting used to in this place. A bit more light... well, maybe and maybe not.

    And I know a whole lot about that "Can't be bothered with computers" state of mind, so no worries. We surely know where to find you when a new post hit the sky!
    I just hope you're having a good time and that you find yourself inside a darkroom every now and then. Surely the weather and season is in some sort of change for the better these days, so you might have other stuff to do as well.
    Stay safe, and have some really nice days over there!

    1. Thanks Roy, appreciated. The light is better for taking snaps these days rather than printing them...