Thursday, 27 April 2017

Happy Feet

The other evening we ended up in Portrush, for a dander around the harbour.  It was the last weekend of the Easter break, so there were quite a few folk around&about.  It was actually nice to see the place a bit busier than normal, since in winter-time there's hardly a sinner in sight.  I won't be saying that come July, mind, when the place is heaving.  Can't win, eh? Either a feast or a famine, as Mother is apt to say.

Although there was a wind that would have cleaned you, in the shelter of Portrush Harbour it was quite pleasant when the sun was out.  Mrs NE Liberties even got the shoes off for a paddle - here she is just after:

8"x10" print on Kentmere paper; Rangefinder&35mm

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