Thursday, 7 January 2016

Perfect weather for it

As I left Missy to school on Monday morning it was absolutely bucketing down.  The Hound was in the back of the car, though, ready for his constitutional run on the beach - any beach - and I don't like to disappoint.   So I sat it out for 10 minutes and since the precipitation seemed to be getting less I thought I would chance it.

For a change I drove out to Castlerock - very close to Downhill Castle and Mussenden Temple that I was talking about yesterday.  The place was flooded, but we were lucky, the rain stopped long enough for a bit of a walk.  It was lovely, actually...not a sinner about except for Yours Truly, The Hound and some ominous-looking clouds.  Donegal is almost covered in cloud there, as you can see:

I like Castlerock.   Not that there's much there any more, mind you.  There used to be a half-decent hotel that you could go to in the winter-time and have a cuppa and enjoy the view while being slowly roasted beside the fire.  But it closed some years ago and has since been knocked down.  There's just empty space there now - very sad considering we had many happy times there with friends and family who are no longer with us.

Now there is a nice little cafe in the village - but no views, so I didn't bother this time.   All on the Nikon with a 50mm lens, HP5 and ID-11.  Developed yesterday morning, it was, just for the record.

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