Friday, 1 January 2016


The summer of 1938, as you may recall, was pretty hot, so The Uncle and his mates headed for this place:

St Margaret's Island, as you can see from the period postcard, sits in the middle of The Danube, between Buda and Pest.  Named after King Béla IV's daughter, who he sent to a convent there sometime in the 13th Century.  Apparently before then it was called Rabbit Island...

Anyway, the lads took full advantage of the bathing facilities - but be warned...those of a nervous disposition may want to look away now.  For the rest of you, feast your eyes on this show of prime Irish and Hungarian beefcake, 1938-style:

I like the folding camera yer man on the right is holding and the girl sunbathing is taking a keen interest in things.  That would be Balazs in the middle there, all tanned and everything.  Probably for the Irish lads it would have been the first time their bodies had been exposed to the sun - they are all looking a little on the white side of bronze there and more than a little uncomfortable...

A bit shaky this one, but here they are up to their necks in it.  They're obviously a bit more relaxed now they are in the water.  I like the cigarette there - a nice touch, that, when bathing.  I suppose it was the Done Thing in them days.

Looks like St Margaret's Island was the place to be in the summer of '38. I'm hazarding a guess that yer man on the front left there wasn't Irish, by the way...

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