Friday, 15 January 2016


It would appear that The Uncle and his mates enjoyed a few boat trips while in Hungary.  Of course in those days you had to bring your own entertainment:

The band were clearly doing a sterling job and spirits were high.

I wonder what was so interesting over there?  The dress style of the lads is interesting - all those big shorts, wool socks and brogues...and those neck-ties, are we talking Scouts here?   The cut of Yer Man's cloth on the right is also interesting - boater hat and just check out those fancy deck shoes.  His missus must have been feeling the cold, though, since she brought her fur.

Eventually we find ourselves in Debrecen, on the Great Hungarian Plain, way to the east of Budapest.  Clearly it's a bit off the beaten track and there wasn't much evidence of the internal combustion engine in use:

That horse clearly enjoying a bit of a snack - although from the look of it snacks were few and far between.

The streets look pretty deserted...where was everyone?  At least one family were heading into town, perhaps to get some essential supplies from Tesco, or whatever the equivalent was in 1938 in Debrecen.

The strangers were obviously of interest to the local youngsters:

The children are pretty well dressed though - everyone has good shoes from the look of it.  And that definitely looks like Scouting Regalia...

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