Friday, 20 October 2017

Young man with keyboard and cigarette

Snappy title, eh?

Anyway, another of Missy's 'Porto Buskers' series for you today.  This young man was really pretty good on his keyboard and didn't seem to have an ounce of self-consciousness - he just set up in the middle of the general chaos on Festival Evening in June and did his thing.  At one point he had a traditional Portuguese Music group next door for company but he didn't seem too perturbed.

OM-1, 35-70 Zuiko zoom, HP5, Adox paper

I'd forgotten, until this print came out of the darkroom, about the cigarette.  He had clearly spent many hours perfecting the art of playing with both hands on the keyboard whilst smoking a cigarette  Not sure about the cigarette myself but his keyboard skills were good enough to warrant Missy getting fairly close to him and snapping him up on her OM-1 for posterity.  And so here he is, captured on film, printed out and scanned for this place so now he'll hang around 'The Cloud' or at least encoded as a load of 0s and 1s on some Web Server for a time (as well as in a box upstairs, unless he makes it onto the wall for a while, which he might, actually).  How long he sticks around in the Internet-world place no-one knows.  Could be forever - but then again that might not be very long given the state the world is in...


  1. Another great snap from Missy's OM-1 there, Michael :)
    One thing's for sure, she'll grow to be a great street snapper. Which is good, by the way.
    Oh, and let's really hope you're wrong about your thoughts on how the amount of time we still might have left down here. After all I still got a lot of printing and stuff to get done before we call it off...! :))

    1. Thanks Roy - appreciate the comment. Yeh, Missy's actually pretty good at just getting in there and snapping away. I keep telling her she should do it more often...

      And yeh, i sincerely hope I'm wrong too, by the way! As you say, we ain't done living just yet..