Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Busking a la Porto

This was one of Missy's snaps from Porto, which I printed the other day.  She was transfixed by this group and we spent a very long time standing listening to them, Missy edging closer and closer.  Perhaps it was the presence of the (electric) cello, as Missy plays the cello herself and you don't often see a young, tanned, good-looking (?) guy playing one in the street.  I can't say whether they were good or not, since my tinnitus was playing up and everything seemed out of tune to my ears, but if the crowd were anything to go by they weren't bad at all.  Not only did Missy contribute one of my hard-earned Euros into their collecting tin but she went back and exchanged some more Euros for one of their CDs...

The light was fading and the band were playing 'under the arches' down by the river so there wasn't much natural light around.  I think Missy got the exposure on her OM-1 spot on as the scene looks pretty much as I remember it, nice and low-contrast.  A little sepia tone on the Adox paper seemed to add something to it.

Oh and we survived Ophelia - to be honest, it didn't amount to much around The Liberties.  Other parts of Ireland got it pretty bad, though.  We were lucky.


  1. Good to see she's using that OM-1 in splendid ways. A nice little snap, this one, of a nice little group of hopefully good musicians. I guess they were, as there's no way she would be stopping by for a long time if there was nothing there to please the inner ear. Electric cello, however... I'm not too sure about the sound of that thing to be honest. Might be good, though.

    Well... I got things to do. Blogs to read and some comments to make, probably. I'm going away tomorrow, to Ona, but I'll try to get things done from that parish as well.
    Oh... and good to see you're all safe after Ophelia blowing her not so sweet kisses all over your countryside. It's been pretty bad over here as well, but mostly rain... as usual.

    1. Thanks Roy. I have to say I like this little print a lot too :) It captured the mood/moment very accurately in my opinion. I wasn't too sure about the electric thing either but Missy was sure about it and she has a better ear than me for these things ;)

      Going to Ona eh? Lucky pup. A nice place to get the head cleared I should think. Hopefully the weather will improve after the remnants of Ophelia but we're due more storms here at the weekend. 'Tis appropriate for the season, I suppose. Take care on Ona!

    2. Thanks, Michael. The forecast is not exactly great over here either. Heard rumors about a possible gale coming in, but I guess we'll ride that one off as well. I'm not going to let a bit of wind stop me, anyway.

      Another long night in the darkroom yesterday as well. Now I'm packing stuff down to bring out to the island. Some paper and stuff, you know. I guess I need to do a separate trip with an enlarger and some of the big paper and other stuff some other day. Plan is to take a few measurements this weekend to be able to buy the right amount of materials for things to build in the very tiny, little darkroom out there.