Monday, 23 October 2017

Playing with fire

Yes folks, in the good old days it was possible for kids to play with fire - literally.  I was browsing through some boxes of our (The Brother&I) old prints from the 1970s and this one caught my eye:

Note the 'chopper' bike on the right and of course the flares on the lad on the left - yup, definitely the 70s.  I've no idea who these kids are, by the way - but they look to having a great time setting fire to some stuff.  The wee ones on the right are just about to learn that smoke gets in your eyes, I reckon.  Totally irresponsible, of course - but super fun when you're 9 or 10.  And at least they're outdoors, eh?


  1. What an absolutely great snap, Michael :))
    Really reminds me of times since long passed. We used to do the same sort of stuff over here as well, and there were times things got a tiny bit out of control... I say no more. Not that there were many days through the year you could actually set fire to anything important, but it happened from time to time.

    1. Thanks Roy - this really captures the moment, I think. Mind you, it's probably one of The Brother's so I'm not going to get too excited about it :) :)

      Funny thing, playing with fire. Most of us grow out of it but I know at least one guy who is still completely obsessed with it...lights a bonfire every chance he gets. No, it's not me in case you were thinking... I'd like to hear more about your fire-starting habit, Roy - methinks there's more to your story than you are telling haha!!