Friday, 4 August 2017


It was the lines and shadows of the steps and railings that caught my eyes...and then just as I was about to press the shutter release the gentleman walked into the middle of the frame.  I wasn't unhappy at the time, truth be told, as people generally add something to a snap.  Of course since we're talking proper film photography here, I had to be content with delayed gratification - in this case more than a few weeks.  But sure isn't that half the fun?  I mean, all this fascination with instant feedback, eh? - surely the root cause of most of the problems in society these days...

A bit of cropping of the HP5+ negative out of the Nikon/50mm combination and this is what came out from the darkroom on Ilford Warmtone RC paper:

Shadows and steps and lower legs, Porto, June 2017
And take note of the quality of that heel strike.  These things are important for proper walking, y'know.  Ah, the things you learn when you spend time in the company of physical therapists, as is so often the case when one has ankylosing spondylitis.


  1. The feet add real interest to the photo!

  2. They add a lot of interest indeed, them feet.
    Still... can't help myself from thinking about what the next snap on the roll looks like. The one with the person halfways down the stairs somewhere :))
    Oh well. It's a brilliant one for sure, and somebody on their way down the stairs would probably done nothing better than destroying them absolutely beautiful shaddowy lines there.

    1. Ha Roy well truth be told I didn't stick around for the next snap - the shadow of HC-B was hanging over me and the decisive moment was there and then :) :)