Monday, 28 August 2017

I'm trying... bring her up properly, the one that is known in This Place as Missy.  Of course she has her phone and snaps away merrily on it and shares stuff on Instagram and what-have-you, but she has grown rather attached to her OM-1 as well and most times these days she reaches for it when we head out somewhere.  And she insists on B&W film, too.  I neither encourage or discourage, I leave it up to her.

It's fully manual, the OM-1, as you know, and she has to think about focus and metering and all that but she gets it.  Sometimes I think I should splash out and get her an OM-2 or something semi-automatic at least, and maybe I will one of these days...but not just yet.  Manual is good to learn on.   She scorns my Nikon FM3a, with it's 'A' setting.  She's right too :)

The OM-1 was my first real, proper camera, way back in '73.  I had a Zenit B before that which actually was quite OK, but the OM was a proper system camera - and about half the weight of the Zenit, with bayonet lens mounting, a built-in TTL meter and no separate stop-down ring.  Made me a better photographer overnight!  When I see Missy with it, it takes me back to when I was the same age.

On Ilford Warmtone RC with a bit of hot selenium added to try to get some contrast in there.  Didn't work.  Taken just below Portstewart Prom - the little bit of sand that there is there...same time&place as this one which worked much better.


  1. Hey now, taking photographs on A is pleasant!!!

    I had my Pentax ME and Spotmatic F hanging off my shoulders at a car show over the weekend, the former with color film and the latter with black and white. Both were lovely to shoot, but I always got the shot faster on the ME thanks to it being aperture priority!!

    1. Well now, the A vs M debate could go on a while, methinks :)

      Sure, A-mode is pleasant and I'll readily admit to using it on the FM3a from time to time. But for the sort of photography I do it's just me being lazy, if I'm honest.

      I have an ME Super lying in a bag somewhere and I agree, it's a great little camera. But I don't like the lack of a proper shutter speed dial.