Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Rathlin Island Ferry

Missy and I had our annual excursion to Rathlin a couple of weeks ago.  The weather wasn't great on the second day but the day we arrived things were very pleasant.  We did the RSPB Bird Sanctuary out at the West Lighthouse and in the evening we just dandered about Church Bay and watched the seals frolicking about.  Well, perhaps not exactly frolicking, more lazing around if truth be told, although one or two of the younger ones were swimming.  Whatever they were doing, it's always very calming to sit and watch them for a while.

There was a fair bit of weather around but it mostly seemed to be out West, towards the mainland.  I snapped up the old Rathlin Island Ferry as it came in.  This is what came out on Foma paper in lith developer:

Church Bay, Rathlin Island, July 2017.  Hasselblad, 50mm lens, HP5+

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