Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Another from our trip to Gortmore - looking West towards Binevenagh, a beautiful, table-top hill/mountain:

There's a pretty decent viewing point here from which to point your camera over.  Even though there's a stone wall you can't be doing with looking over it for too long, for there be a steep drop on t'other side.

In days gone by my grandfather would take us boys fishing down the River Roe, just under Binevenagh.  It was pretty special, even when few fish were caught.


  1. Beautiful landscape, mate :)
    A very steep drop, it seems for sure. We got a couple of them over here as well, as you might know. I'll show them to you all, should you carry yourselves in this direction some day. Luckily you can choose how badly infected of vertigo you like to be all by yourself...

    1. I'm not great on the vertigo Roy, truth be told mate, Even on flat earth places. And I suspect we will venture over your neck of the woods sometime...I think it has to happen. Mrs NELiberties has always had a hankering for those fjordes, and I'll not take much persuading...