Friday, 21 October 2016

All my own work

Some more 'first frame masterpieces' for you.  These were taken out on Rathlin Island in August.

Looks like The Brother's torso has been speared by a light sabre - but he survived.
This was a very special roll of HP5+, as I rather cleverly managed to get light leaks on the first three frames.  This was the second one:

There's a few houses in need of a bit of TLC on the island - presumably left over from the 19th Century when there were upwards of 1000 people resident on the island.  Today there are just over 100. As I said to The Brother, here's a wee fixer-upper for you.  It would make a grand wee holiday home for him, living in the West Chicago 'burbs as he does.

By the third frame the light leak was almost gone:

View coming back from the Rue Lighthouse, towards Church Bay.

Perhaps I need a better system for me film cassettes.  For 35mm I tend to buy 30m at a time and load me own.  I like doing that, since it's easy to have a roll with just 10 shots in it if I want to try something different exposure-wise or processing-wise.  Usually I load about 25 shots per film, which seems to suit the way I shoot OK.  It means the film isn't lying in the camera too long,  I've a good relationship with a local high-street photo outlet who keep me any film cassettes they get in - not many, it has to be said, but enough for me.  Thing is, I tend to just re-use them without any care or thought about how many times it is safe to do so.  Perhaps the felt light trap in this particular cassette is toast - that might well explain why I've got the light leaks above.  I'll have to devise a put a mark on the cassette when I load it and then throw them away after say, 3 re-uses?  


  1. Wow, you roll your own, that's hardcore. Your marking system idea should help you keep from using a cassette past the point of no return.

    1. Your comment made me smile, Jim - thanks for dropping by! Indeed - one day I'll be organised, I keep telling myself...

  2. Yes, I re-use cassettes many times. Don't seem to have too many issues. Are you sure the loading thing is ok?

    1.'ve got me thinking there Andrea. If it continues to happen then I might need to investigate the loader. It was most likely brain fade on my part, though - usually is these days.

      But...good to know you can re-use them more than once or twice. Maybe I just got unlucky with this one.