Monday, 24 October 2016


Its been a strange couple of months in The Liberties. Strange in that since the start of September it has been pretty decent weather, in sharp contrast to July&August, which were both pretty awful.  The last few weeks it's been mostly dry and - get this, not much wind.  Now that really is not normal for this part of the world and OK so we are getting some recompense for the poor summer but I can't help feeling we might end up paying dearly for this in the months to come.  We'll see.  Having said that I still have the waterproofs on in the mornings for the beach walk, since it isn't unknown for a sudden squall to whip up and when you are out on Portstewart Strand you are, dear readers, pretty exposed to the elements.  It doesn't take long for you to be soaked if you don't have the proper gear on.  So nowadays I don't even look outside before I dress in the mornings, I just put the waterproofs on anyway and then I don't have to worry.

An old one, but useful to illustrate just how perfect Portstewart Strand is at this time of year.  Not a sinner in sight, as my grandfather used to say.

And the trees are beautiful at this time of year, which almost makes me want to stick a colour film in a camera.  Almost.  But not quite - you'll have to use your imagination.  Most years we don't really get to appreciate the beauty of the foliage, since the wind usually has the leaves off by now and the rain has them turned to mush.

So I guess what I'm saying is that it's actually a lovely autumn we are having this year.


  1. So, you actually just had to be first...! Posting a weather post, that is. I thought I might wait until the weather had actually turned for something worse, to be honest. I have never experienced an autumn like this one up here where I live, but then again neither has my father. There's a high pressure area hanging over us, and it just won't leave. Been here for six or seven weeks now, and still seem to stay strong. Not a drop of rain or a breath of wind for months... I mean when did we ever see something like that? Never, to tell the truth.
    So I think I will just keep on keeping my mouth shut about the matter until we eventually get something normal coming in.
    And the foliage... it's amazing! Never seen the like of it, for the same reason as over there obviously. The wind usually fix that business rather easily.
    And yes... we are starting to get a bit worried over here as well, as we know we will probably live in gale winds and meters of snow for months after this.

    1. Haha Roy thanks for the comment mate. guys are experiencing similar weather, eh? Interesting.

      So...if this good spell breaks I am not to blame! I'm not complaining, just observing :)

      It's rather nice to experience a proper Autumn for a change. On the downside I've been sorting out some stuff in the garden the last couple of months - hardly taken a snap! Or done any darkroom work. But...that will change soon I suspect. The work is all done now (fruit trees planted, grass seed sown) and I can get back to the serious business of wasting film :)

    2. I thought you guys over there knew this just as we do, that it's never a question of IF the good spell breaks :))) It's only a question of how bad it gets!

      Oh yes, it's great to have a nice autumn again, so please don't get me wrong. We have been struggling with all sorts of stuff over here as well, but hopefully things will normalize quite soon. Then it's off to the darkroom again, and hopefully get the chance to snap a few frames of some more interesting weather. Good weather is nice, but the normal stuff sticks better on film, me thinks.
      We will probably get the chance quite soon, it seems. At least by the looks of the forecast and such...

  2. In Indiana we often get about one week of autumn weather. We go from summer hot to winter cold somewhere during October and that's that. But this year we're getting weeks of official, genuine autumn weather -- cool and a little rainy. It's refreshing!