Monday, 25 April 2016

Upside down

Well the painters are in and the place is upside down.  Spent most weekend getting ready - in other words, moving everything out of one room into another, only for the whole process to be reversed come Monday evening.  It's all go here, I can tell you.  I'll be glad when Wednesday comes and we can start to get the house back into some sort of normality.

So nothing much to report photographic-wise.  But since it's Monday and we could all use a smile, here's one of herself:

Via HP5+ from the Nikon/50mm at f/1.8, or maybe 2.8.  And yes, this was one of those 'end-of-film' shots - as that guy over in Norway so rightly observed.


  1. Only difference would be that you obviously got loads more class to your film ends than I do. Mine tend to be totally hopeless, more or less.
    Anyway, I really hope the painting process will go smoothly and that you could sit down and have a deserved one when everything is done and dusted.
    I'm off to try to get something done over there at the cottage. Everything has been covered in snow over the weekend, so nothing has been done. Will give it another go this week. Someone told me we could get some nice weather and good temperatures towards the end of this week. Let's cross all them ten thumbs :)

    1. Thanks Roy but I like your film ends a lot - those feet on the table...perfect. And yes, let's keep everything crossed. Bright here these past few days but a strong North wind means really really cold. Things are getting greener though...nature doesn't seem to mind too much about the wind :)